Choose a Waterproofing Contractor You Can Count On

We offer top-notch drainage solutions in Hazel Green, Moores Mill and & Meridianville, AL

A structurally sound foundation is vital for keeping your home in great condition. If your property falls victim to flooding or has poor drainage, things can turn ugly fast. Rely on Bama Specialists to protect your home from moisture damage. You can count on us for effective and affordable drainage solutions.

Our crew can take steps to exclude moisture from your crawl space or basement. We'll seal off vents and other entry points so your home stays dry.

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Stabilize Your Uneven Floors

Rely on us to install top-quality floor supports

Rely on us for top-notch foundation work

With over a decade of experience to their credit, the team at Bama Specialists can do what it takes to keep your foundation in tiptop shape. You can count on us to protect the surrounding ground to ensure your foundation stands strong for years to come.

Our services include:

Basement waterproofing
Crawl space encapsulation
Floor support installation
Drainage system installation

We've got all of the equipment and resources needed to provide your home or place of business with long-term drainage solutions.

Contact us today to get a free inspection. We'll be glad to assess the condition of your basement or crawl space.